How to set up, start and run your t shirt line. part I – get set!

September 22, 2022 0 Comments

No matter what project you put together you will always start with outlining the general steps you want to follow. There are a few basic aspects everyone should consider when starting a t shirt line business.
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The next recommendation could also be useful for clothing line owners whose businesses go through a rough patch. Taking a few steps back and reconsidering the whole concept with fresh eyes is always helpful. So let’s start the first part of the series with a general outlook:
Step 1: BE INFORMED about the environment of the business, both local and worldwide, and see what worked for others in the shirt line business and under which circumstances. fall in with what they did best and avoid their mistakes as much as possible. Ask the right questions: What are my chances to be successful on both short and long terms in your shirt line business? What are my financial resources and what do they allow me to invest? Am I doing this for business purposes only or am I also passionate about what I do? Last but not least, do not expect this to be a cheap shirt line start!

Step 2: assess YOUR EXPECTATIONS and be more specific about the content of your t shirt line you want to follow. Yes, we are talking about the same thing: your target market. Furthermore, consider what is more profitable for you in particular, for your area or for your possible customers – will it be solely an online market or are you planning to extend ”in the real world”, in stores? long term prediction is useful because it will force you to think in depth, carefully analyze your strategy and spot weaknesses in its workings. Don’t be scared to make plans! You will thank yourself later.
Business as usualStep 3: BE real about the direction of your shirt line and plan on creating something that people will actually be interested in buying, which means they will have to be both aesthetically and practically unique. On the one hand, the quality of your t-shirts, for example, is extremely important for everyone. On the other hand, the really picky ones could choose a sun-blocking t-shirt which blocks out 93-99% of ultraviolet rays. It would be great if you could test your options directly with the target public before deciding on the fabric. Ask around and get feedback, look for stores that have a common ground with your future design and see how much they are charging. and never forget about the trend – what is popular right now and how does your concept fit in this context?

Step 4: know THE ENEMY’s line as well as your own (maybe before you create your own if possible). Don’t offer something that has already filled the market. Come up with the new or the original, something that sets you apart from them, a signature feature that will linger in the mind of the customers. look out for promotions, prices and design variety. The Internet is your oyster!
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